I would be happy to be your Feldenkrais Practitioner in Louisville, Kentucky or online anywhere in the world!

          I offer…

      • individual sessions in Functional Integration® at my studio and video-sessions online.
      • unlimited classes and recordings of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®  lessons in  My Move, our online community!
      • online Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®  lessons with Norton Neuroscience Institute.
      • workshops and series
      • water exercise classes, Feldenkrais/Pilates and more in the therapy pool at Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center.

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM)

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons are easy to do gentle mindful movement explorations.  During the lesson you are verbally led using guided attention through movement sequences. 
Classes online and in person!

Functional Integration® Individual Sessions

Assessing your needs and individually designing a lesson for you, Dorothy uses a gentle clear touch that guides you and enhances your sensation of comfort and connection throughout your skeleton and body. Individual guided video-sessions also available online.

Workshops​ and Series

Workshops and Series are an opportunity to  dive more deeply into a theme.  Designed to enhance your learning, you have the opportunity to use your senses to learn.  Built around Awareness Through Movement lessons, a workshop may also include visual aids and models. Online and in-person.

Water Exercises Classes

Combining my Sports Education degree specialty Aquatics, with Feldenkrais is a natural in the water.  Through effective biomechanics, and applying the properties of water to mindful aquatic movement you can discover exercise, balance and strengthening with safety and ease.