With my experience in movement, mindfulness, dance, and athletics, I would be happy to be your Feldenkrais Practitioner in Louisville, Kentucky!

I offer individual sessions in Functional Integration® at my studio on Barret Avenue, and classes in Awareness Through Movement® at my Barret Avenue studio and at the Norton Neuroscience Institute. I also offer Feldenkrais inspired water exercise classes in the therapy pool at Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center.

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM)

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons are easy to do gentle mindful movement explorations.  During the lesson you are verbally led using guided attention through movement sequences.

Functional Integration® Individual Sessions

Assessing your needs and individually designing a lesson for you, Dorothy uses a gentle clear touch that guides you and enhances your sensation of comfort and connection throughout your skeleton and body, improving your ease and coordination.

Workshops​ and Series

Workshops and Series are an opportunity to  dive more deeply into a theme.  Designed to enhance your learning, you have the opportunity to use your senses to learn.  Built around Awareness Through Movement lessons, a workshop may also include visual aids and models.

Water Exercises Classes

Combining my Sports Education degree specialty Aquatics, with Feldenkrais is a natural in the water.  Through effective biomechanics, and applying the properties of water to mindful aquatic movement you can discover exercise, balance and strengthening with safety and ease.